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  1. Dogs are only approved for members renting a Private Office from Park.

  2. At the Wash Park location, we ask for your cooperation with our dog policy at all times.

  3. No cats or other animals will be accommodated.

  4. Dogs must be on leash and with members at all times.

  5. Dogs that are excessively vocal will be asked to be removed from campus immediately.

  6. One strike rule applies to any signs of aggression. Park takes safety as a first priority. 

  7. One dog per member only.

  8. All dogs must be up to date on vaccinations, parasite control and need to provide a wellness record from your veterinarian.

  9. Member is responsible for all clean-up inside and outside the building. Member is expected to immediately tend to all accidents with the appropriate cleaning and disinfectant products.

  10. Member is solely responsible for and agrees to pay out of pocket for any property damage associated with your dog, including but not limited to carpet, walls, floors, and furniture.

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